Imagine, it is the middle of the night and you are suddenly awakened by an intruder in your house. Your heart begins to race and you are trying to get your bearings in the darkness of your bedroom. You brain begins awake from the fog of your sleep and you realize that you are about to come face to face with a home invader. What would you do?
If you are like me, you are thinking about protecting your family and your home from the thug(s) that are trying to invade your domain. I am immediately heading to the gun safe that is next to the bed and arming myself for a possible encounter. My go-to home defense weapon is a handgun.
Why do I and so many others lean on the handgun as the weapon of choice for home defense?
So many people rely on them for various reasons, some of which include: Size and ease of access – Handguns can be stored in a handgun safe close to your bed and can be accessed quickly in a life or death situation. They also can be handled and fired easily. Reliability – Most handguns are reliable and misfires are few and far between, especially with the ones we recommend on this site. Accuracy – If you are in a life or death situation, handguns in close to mid-ranges are accurate enough for you to hit and stop your target.
There are a wide variety of handguns to choose from, but the following is our Top 10 list of some of the best you can buy for home defense.
Note: No matter which gun you choose, it is important that you regularly work with it at the range, so that in an important time you are not unfamiliar with how it feels and fires.

10. Walther PPQ M2
The Walther PPQ is an excellent option for a home defense handgun. The grip of this gun is sculpted and can comfortably held in a shooter’s hand. This is an accurate, comfortable, and quality pistol that is great for home defense.

Caliber: 9MM Luger
Action: Recoil operated Semi-Automatic
Trigger: Striker single-action (SA)
Magazine Capacity: 15
Total Capacity: 15 + 1
Frame Material: Black Polymer
Grip Type: Integrated polymer
Sights: 3 dot adjustable