Are you trying to decide which carry concealed handgun would be the best for you? If you are looking for concealability, accuracy, reliability and maximum rounds, the following are the top five 9mm concealed carry handguns recommended for you.

1. Sig Sauer P365

The Sig Sauer P365 hit the streets earlier this year and has become one of the top concealed carry handguns. Its overall length is 5.8 inches with the barrel at only 3.1 inches. Yes, the Sig P365 is really that small. The Sig P365 is striker fired and has a flush magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds. An optional extended magazine holding 12 rounds is available for this model. The Sig P365 is a gun that will quickly be your go to concealed carry gun, one that you will want to carry 365 days a year.