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The 8040F Cougar Mini by Beretta is a short recoil semi-automatic Pistol produced during 1998 - 2003 which sells new for $709.00 and has an estimated used valuation of $545.00. It's caliber is listed at .40 S&W with a muzzle velocity (MV) From 985 to 1325 ft/sec, muzzle energy (ME) From 355 to 500 ft-lb, and muzzle weight (WT) From 135 to 180 grains. The Beretta 8040F Cougar Mini has fixed 3-dot sights, a plastic grip, anodized aluminum frame, and a double-action (DA/SA) trigger. This handgun has a 8-round magazine with a maximum capacity of 9 rounds. The 8040F Cougar Mini has a recoil factor of 7.67 ft-lb and IDPA Power Factor of 172973.

Title:Beretta 8040F Cougar Mini
Caliber:.40 S&W
Common Name:.40 Smith & Wesson Auto
MV:From 985 to 1325 ft/sec
ME:From 355 to 500 ft-lb
WT:From 135 to 180 grains
Retail Price:$709.00
Used Price:$545.00
Recoil Factor:7.67 ft-lb
Total Capacity:9 rounds
Production Years:1998 - 2003
Brand Name:Beretta
Model Number:8040F Cougar Mini
Action:short recoil semi-automatic
Trigger:double-action (DA/SA)
Safety Type:slide mounted safety/decock lever
Magazine Capacity:8-round
Frame Material:anodized aluminum
Grip Type:plastic
Sights:fixed 3-dot
IDPA Power Factor:172973

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Weight 527994 lbs
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